Nyayo House torture chambers victim awarded Ksh.2M in damages


The family of the late James Odera Ojijo has been granted Ksh.2million in harms, 32 years after he was illicitly kept and supposedly tormented at Nyayo House.

He was a previous assistant of Kenya’s first VP, the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga.

As per court reports, Ojijo was captured in 1987 for supposedly being a piece of an illicit gathering known as Mwakenya and kept for 73 days before trial.

He was later imprisoned for a long time and kicked the bucket 10 years after the fact in what the family said was because of torment at the Nyayo House chambers.

In his decision on Friday, High Court Judge Fred Ochieng said that such delayed detainment without being indicted established a coldhearted treatment.

A prior suit documented in 2010 by his little girl Rachel Ojijo, that looked for equity and remuneration of Ksh.2million was unsuccessful.


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On the issue, Justice Ochieng said that the family did not furnish the court with proof that the dad was tormented consequently they couldn’t grant harms for torment.

He cleared up that the Ksh.2million grant was for the deferral in the arraignment of the late Ojijo.

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