Nations show solidarity with Kenya after Dusit attack


Following the terror based assault at the 14 Riverside Drive on Tuesday, the nations have allied with Kenya, encouraging help.

The United States, Britain, and China were among the principal nations to send in their help messages following the assault that saw terrorists — believed to be four of them, intensely outfitted—storm in the 14 Riverside Drive building complex, which has, among others, the upmarket DusitD2 Hotel.

Active US Ambassador to Kenya Robert Godec said that the mission was in close correspondence with Kenyan specialists.

“We recognize the bravery of the Kenyan security benefits effectively attempting to end the attack,” Mr Godec tweeted.

“The United States denounces in the most grounded terms the horrendous assault at the DusitD2 Hotel complex in Nairobi. We offer our most profound sympathies to the individuals who have been influenced by this frightening brutality.”

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British High Commissioner Nic Hailey, then again, last night guaranteed that “the high commission group in Kenya will work during that time to help the Kenyan experts as they react to this horrendous assault.”

“I have addressed President Kenyatta to guarantee him of the UK’s solid solidarity with Kenya on this day.”

On Wednesday morning, the British High Commission said it will stay shut “while we react to the incident.”

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The embassy asked its citizens to turn their mobile phone devices on silent, “and do not put your location on social media.”

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