Private security guards in Kenya to be outfitted with firearms


Security guards at the shopping center, healing center or bank will in the coming days be outfitted with a weapon as experts have recognized they are the principal line of protection in case of an assault.

“We will be issuing guns to security guards and furthermore guarantee their welfare is provided for including minimum wage bill in accordance with Employment Act of 2007,” Private Security Regulatory Authority CEO Fazul Mahamud said.

Amid a gathering with heads of various private security firms in Nairobi on Friday, the CEO said preceding the issuance of firearms, gatekeepers will be exposed to a compulsory training on counter-terrorism procedures, how to draw in aggressors while limiting setbacks and notwithstanding calling for support.

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The administrative expert will likewise draw in national knowledge benefit, the DCI, national police and national industrial training authority in confirming and planning educational programs custom fitted for security guards in various key establishments.

At present, there are around 500,000 filling in as private security watches in different security firms the nation.

Mr. Mahamud has guaranteed their pioneers that in accordance with Employment Act of 2007, the lowest pay permitted by law and extra minutes pay will be settled on just as a compulsory arrangement for the protective cover for individuals from the Kenya National Private Security Union

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