Spouse and father of Riverside suicide bomber arrested in Mombasa


Analysts from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations and anti-terror unit have arrested six additional suspects, among them the spouse and father to the suicide bomber in the Tuesday 14 Riverside dread assault.

Suhaila Mwalim Bakari, spouse to Muhir Khalid Riziki and Khalid Jumaane Riziki, father to the 25-year old psychological militant were arrested in Majengo, Mombasa, and are being confined to clarify their collaborations with the attacker previously and amid the dread assault.

As per police, the 25-year-old suicide bomber, Muhir Khalid Riziki, sneaked once again into the nation on Sunday, through Elwak in Mandera County, made a beeline for Takaba, before settling in Moyale town.

He at that point left for Nairobi, on board a Moyale Raha transport, and when he touched base in the city, he set off for Guango home, Muchatha town, Kiambu County where Ali Salim Gichunge dwelled.

Gichunge was the Tuesday assault’s lord organizer and facilitated Muhir for instructions on his job in the occurrence.

Muhir, who arrived prior at the 14 Riverside drive, was entrusted with exploding himself outside the Secret Gardens Restaurant, trigger frenzy, and nervousness, which would be a flag to his partner assailants to participate, and shower with projectiles, those escaping from the scene. Be that as it may, luckily a distinction in the planning among Muhir and alternate assailants empowered more individuals to get away.


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Investigators state Muhir was selected into the terror world by Ramadhan Hamisi, presently in Somalia, subsequent to going to petitions at Musa mosque, in Mombasa that was for nearly 10 years, related with radicalization, enrollment of Al Shabaab and religious fanaticism. Endeavors to flush out the extreme components have been continuous…

Police additionally struck Parkside Hotel in Kitui town and captured 3 outsiders and one Kenyan, in association with the Tuesday assault.

Investigators are however still scratching their heads over the whereabouts of Maryam Abdi, who is said to have carried from Lamu to Nairobi through Mombasa, the weapons that were utilized on Tuesday.

Agents camping in Lamu, Mombasa, Isiolo, Meru, Nairobi, and Uasin Gishu, to seize more dread suspects and those connected to the assault 4 days back.

In the meantime, police captured three terror suspects in Garissa as they endeavored to cross into Kenya from Somalia. Police additionally recouped a store of weapons from the suspects.

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