The startup – Vutaride Limited


When talking about digital taxi’s in Kenya, Vutaride surely stands out as one of the most iconic options one should consider. Being one of the top startups in Kenya, the company has undergone tremendous changes to become the brand it is now.

Vutaride launched around mid last year and has been competing with the “big brothers” of the industry Uber and Bolt (formally Taxify). The tech startup is one of the many startups in kenya with an aim to bring change in Kenya’s business environment which is infested by Foreigners.

The Vutaride apps are available for download from Playstore and appstore. I personally have used the platform and first and foremost, i loved the look and feel of the Vutaride’s application.

The developers behind it clearly did a superb job and having used their previous app too, this is a big milestone.

All said, it can’t all be good since i realized the challenges being faced by Vutaride is the lack of adequate drivers in their system. Even though this can be mitigated it would be great if this was resolved quickly to stop the frustration of receiving  a notification of “No drivers available”.

I believe there is still room for improvement and learning for the company and surely there is a huge market out there waiting.

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